For investors

In the C4 Investment Club, you will find experienced investors and entrepreneurs with whom we are connected by a long-term partnership. The task of the C4 Group within the Investment Club is the screening of potential targets that are available for investment (document evaluation (e.g. Business Plan, market), personal discussion, pre-due diligence) in the 4 core sectors of C4. Together with a lead investor from the Investment Club, we will develop the company further in order to carry out financing within a short time-frame, primarily with investors from the Investment Club. In addition, there is the option of external financing in collaboration with C4 Capital Markets.

The advantage for club members is the higher probability of success, since the lead investor from the club invests not only his capital, but also his expertise, network and entrepreneurial experience in conjunction with C4’s expertise.

If you are interested in our Investment Club, we look forward to hearing from you by email to